Saturday, 31 August 2013

Clash of the dry shampoos: Batiste vs. Schwarzkopf

Dry shampoo, there are hundreds of different kinds, but despite that, it's quite hard to find the perfect one for your hair. They all have some pro's and some contra's. Some dry shampoos even have more contra's then pro's, which isn't all that good, of course. 

Today two versions are going to battle for the title of best dry shampoo. In the left corner we have the Batiste Blush version with the seductive scent of flowers. In the right corner we have the Schwarzkopf version. They both promise light, fresh and voluminous hair all day long. Let's see who wins this battle.

The Batiste version is a lot easier in use, because you can just massage it in and brush it out. The texture of Batiste Blush is less messy than the Schwarzkopf dry shampoo, which is a concentrated white powder spray. So for the Schwarzkopf version you need a towel to protect your clothes and massage it in. I think neither of them smells very pleasant, but I know other Batiste dry shampoos that do smell good, so I give the credits to Batiste for that

The amount of volume the shampoos give to your hair is the same. They both give a lot of volume, but it doesn't last very long. Your hair also looks fresh, but they both take all the shine out of your hair, although the shine comes back after a while with the Schwarzkopf one. 
After an hour or three the freshness of Batiste has vanished completely, but Schwarzkopf does keep your hair fresh all day long. 

In working we have a clear winner. Schwarzkopf beats and humiliated Batiste completely, but in use Batiste is a lot better. I'd recommend the Schwarzkopf one, because I really use my dry shampoo to keep my hair fresh when I'm too late to wash it before going to school.

Batiste Blush in 200ml costs €4,49 and The Schwarzkopf version in 150ml costs €4,09


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  1. Ik gebruik altijd Schwarzkopf, hij is heerlijk!

  2. Verdorie, ik zat een week geleden in dubio over welke ik zou kopen, heb ik dus de batiste gekocht...Nou ja, volgende keer beter :)