Sunday 1 September 2013

You spin my head right round, right round...



One day in the summer vacation, I went to the theme park Phantasialand! I went to many other theme parks, but it was the first time I went to Phantasialand. Phantasialand is situated in Germany, Brühl.
I had to get up at 6 o'clock (Yes! That early in the vacation!) because we had to drive a long time.
We arrived at 9 o'clock but the attractions only opened at 10 o'clock. So we first discovered the beautiful park. There are 6 areas: Berlin, Deep in Africa, China Town, Fantasy, Mexico and Mystery. It's done so well! I mean, if we took a picture in China Town, I think people'd actually believe we visited China this vacation. I liked the area Berlin the most, because there were cosy eat places and bakeries with Berliners!

File:AR Phantasialand07.JPG
Berlin in Phantasialand.
And they thought about details! They dress up employees, according to which area they are going, and make them walk around there and play little scenes. It made it feel even more real. You can also taste the typical food from every country. It's like that I discovered churros in 'Mexico'. Yummy!
Beside the dressed-up employees, you can also find 6 dragons (6 areas -> 6 dragons). I took a picture with the cutest one, in my opinion, Kroka.

Kroka, my love.
But now, the most important thing from a theme park: the attractions! I'll only tell you about my favourites, since you aren't much with an explanation from all, you need to experience it yourself one day.

When I read reactions on the internet, everyone is so excited about the Black Mamba. Black Mamba is a forceful inverted roller coaster in a beautiful setting and has a high speed. You can't see before how the ride is going to be, it's one big surprise. Sounds good right, but my problem with it was that it went so fast I didn't even got the time to get 'thrilled'. Before I knew it, it was over. Beside that, it isn't an attraction I'd like the second time, since the surprise effect is gone then. It has speed, is forceful and looks good: that makes it a good roller coaster but not my favourite one

Black Mamba.
It was a sunny day, so we searched the best water attraction and River Quest won. River Quest is a river rafting ride but with a few nice additions. The attraction is build 40 feet above the ground, so your boat needs to get there with an elevator. And then it starts: drops, whirlpools and a kind of ledge. You only get real soaked if you are sitting in the wrong place. Guess where we sat. Yep, that place. The other people in the boat were laughing with us and secretly I was hoping for them to get drenched the last drop...but nope, me again! I didn't care and got quickly to the next attraction that would work as a clothes dryer.

River Quest.
And that attraction was the Mystery Castle. The queue line was already scary to walk through. There were actors hiding everywhere to scare you.  It worked every time with me. :( As we stood waiting at the closed door until it was our time, we heard screaming from people and evil laughs coming from the other side of the door. Then it was our turn. After everything was checked, all the lights went out and we were shot up in the air, to a height of 65 meter. The feeling in your stomach then... It was nice that it was in the dark, that was new for me and made it even more exciting. I liked it a lot!

Mystery Castle.
I kept the best one for last: the Talocan! I did this one 4 times, because I don't think I'll find soon an attraction like that again. Talocan is a themed suspended top-spin with fire and water. This was my favourite attraction because it was the most thrilling one in my opinion. Here you really needed to trust your restraint system. There were a lot of people watching on a bridge, since it's almost a show to watch.
(When I closed my eyes to sleep later that day, it continued turning in my head, probably because I did this one a few times in a row...)


Phantasialand is a beautiful theme park with good attractions. I recommend it to all of you!


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