Saturday, 30 August 2014

DIY: Photo garland

Summer break is ending, on Monday we're going back to school. That means that we'll have to sacrifice all our spare time to making homework, studying for tests and put all our creativity in weird projects (like 'turn this book into a modern painting' or 'write a poem about scotch tape'. Anyone else gets these tasks?) As I was thinking about that, I decided that in my last week of freedom I had to make a DIY. Since I had some photo's that needed a nice spot in my room, I made a photo garland.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

If I didn't live in Amsterdam, I'd go there on holiday -K. Schippers

A while ago I went to Amsterdam for the first time in my life and in those three amazing days I've fallen in love with the City of Sin. I love the atmosphere there, you just feel free as a bird. Amsterdam truly is a wonderful place.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Hot spot: Wok-A-Way

Unfortunately, this post is only interesting for people who live in Belgium or people who are planning to come to Ghent or Antwerp one day. For the others: maybe you will feel like coming  to Belgium only for this hot spot. ;)

The unicorns planned a trip to Antwerp! Of course we already went there many, many, many times to go shopping there, but now we wanted to discover more than the shopping streets, we wanted to find its hot spots. A few months ago, we already posted an article about 8 tea 5, which was also @ Antwerp. Today we are talking about Wok-A-Way, because you can't only drink bubble tea during the day, of course. These unicorns need some food in their tummy.