Friday 15 August 2014

Hot spot: Wok-A-Way

Unfortunately, this post is only interesting for people who live in Belgium or people who are planning to come to Ghent or Antwerp one day. For the others: maybe you will feel like coming  to Belgium only for this hot spot. ;)

The unicorns planned a trip to Antwerp! Of course we already went there many, many, many times to go shopping there, but now we wanted to discover more than the shopping streets, we wanted to find its hot spots. A few months ago, we already posted an article about 8 tea 5, which was also @ Antwerp. Today we are talking about Wok-A-Way, because you can't only drink bubble tea during the day, of course. These unicorns need some food in their tummy.

Wok-A-Way is a modern and Asian restaurant concept. When you enter the place, you just immediately notice that everything fits: the decoration (noodles for sale for example), the table setting, the chopsticks (which we tried for one minute and then gave up because we were really hungry), the open kitchen... It's just such a cosy place where you would like to hang out all day long.

Secondly and the most important about this place: the food. There is so much choice! They have dim sum, snacks, soups, wok dishes, the option to compose your own wok and for everything an option veggie. They also recommend that you to try their home made lemonade. We took the wrap with BBQ pork hoisins sauce & peanuts and our own wok composition with chicken, fresh coriander, teriyaki and steamed rice. So delicious! If you are one of those people that think that healthy and delicious doesn't exist in one and the same dish: try this!

Visit their site for more information:

As you may notice, we are very enthusiastic about this place and we'll surely go back soon.
Hopefully for the people far away from little Belgium, there is a similar restaurant like the Wok-A-Way more nearby.

Have you already been in the Wok-A-Way? Or do you know other hot spots in Antwerp?
Let us know!


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