Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review: Essence express dry spray

You know that feeling when you've just painted an incredible piece of art that even Picasso would be jealous of on your nails? (Or in my case, the feeling you've successfully put nail polish on your nails instead of your fingers and cuticles) Yes? than you probably also know how firetruckin' annoying it is to wait for your nails to dry, or the absolute horror of bumping your nail against something and smudging the entire thing? All of that is in the past now, because essence came out with a new product: the express dry spray! It's a handy dandy product that promises to dry your polish within seconds and give your nails some extra shine. But does it really work that well?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Make tea, not war

Tea. Many people love it, many people hate it. I personally love it to death and I am dedicated to convince all those non-tealoving creatures out there that tea is an angel's pee.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New in: Christmas gift card

The holidays have passed, everyone has opened their presents and a lot of you have probably received some gift cards. I know many people don't like getting a gift card because it's not very personal and the giver hasn't really thought about it a lot, but I have to admit I don't mind getting a gift card every now and then. This Christmas my grandmother gave me a gift card for Kruidvat, a famous Dutch drugstore that also has a lot of shops in Belgium. I actually needed a few new things, but the holidays had robbed me from every single penny, so the extra budget came in very handy. This is what I bought:

Monday, 6 January 2014

Living the food life: December

Food is something essential for a human being to live. Normally, we eat 3 meals a day and some snacks, so eating becomes a daily task, something we have to do. We don't think enough about what we are eating or even take the time to appreciate it. You know how they joke about Japanese people taking a picture of everything they eat in a foreign country? We should do that more! Not just because you remember what you ate, but also because you remember with that photo the situation you ate it in, where, when, with which people, a random memory about that day…