Monday 6 January 2014

Living the food life: December

Food is something essential for a human being to live. Normally, we eat 3 meals a day and some snacks, so eating becomes a daily task, something we have to do. We don't think enough about what we are eating or even take the time to appreciate it. You know how they joke about Japanese people taking a picture of everything they eat in a foreign country? We should do that more! Not just because you remember what you ate, but also because you remember with that photo the situation you ate it in, where, when, with which people, a random memory about that day…

First of all, sorry again for missing a month. This year we're really going to try not to miss a single month. In December we ate a lot of chocolate, delicious pasta and a bunch of other unhealthy stuff. As a little disclaimer: we also eat healthy stuff every now and then, we just forget to take pictures when we do.
December wouldn't be December without chocolate advent calendars, so I ate 24 lovely little chocolates.
One day I felt like a real cook and I made pancakes and hot chocolate caramel on a stick in one day. And then I decided to eat it for lunch… and dinner… and breakfast the next day...
My mum makes the best cheese pasta of all time, so when I came home from after a rough day, she made me this pretty baby. Thanks mummy!
In Belgium we celebrate Saint Nicholas on the sixth of December. It's kind of the Belgian equivalent of Santa Claus. The good man gives presents and sweets to all the kids that are not on the naughty list and based on the cuteness of this little chocolate I'd say that I am most certainly not on the naughty list. Yay!
This is marzipan shaped like a dog with a hamburger and it's equally awesome as delicious.
I also went to a lot of restaurants this month. This is a gorgeous looking plate of cannelloni that I ordered in La Canette  in Durbuy, the smallest town in the world. If you're ever in Durbuy, this place is definitely worth a try.
These weird shaped things are churros and until December I had never eaten these things. Fortunately I discovered them and now my life is complete. They are sooooo good.
Also in La Canette I ate the best 'moelleux au chocolat' combined with a caramel ice cream. Yummy
Now this one is quite weird. I'm still not sure whether I liked it or not. It's called a metraillette and it's basically  a burger with fries stuffed inside. I think I liked it, but I kind of felt like puking afterwards.


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