Thursday 9 January 2014

New in: Christmas gift card

The holidays have passed, everyone has opened their presents and a lot of you have probably received some gift cards. I know many people don't like getting a gift card because it's not very personal and the giver hasn't really thought about it a lot, but I have to admit I don't mind getting a gift card every now and then. This Christmas my grandmother gave me a gift card for Kruidvat, a famous Dutch drugstore that also has a lot of shops in Belgium. I actually needed a few new things, but the holidays had robbed me from every single penny, so the extra budget came in very handy. This is what I bought:

I needed some cleansing wipes and these ones from the Kruidvat house brand were on sale. I lost the ticket but I think they were about €3,50 for 3 packs. It had also been a while since I owned an eye make-up remover. I ran out of it a few months ago and I just figured I didn't really need any, but if I have to admit, using regular make-up remover just isn't really good to remove your eye make-up. I bought a Nivea eye make-up remover.

I heard a lot of really good reviews about this BB creme, so I decided to pick it up. It's was also very budget, only €5,99.

I also bought a nude nail polish, because I didn't have any nudes and I needed it for a nail art (that completely failed by the way, but I'll keep practising) This one is called 'Bonjour Chérie' from the Ultimate Nudes collection.

And last but not least: I bought this gorgeous Catrice nail polish. It's from the limited edition Feathers and Pearls collection in the shade Flapper style. I couldn't really get the colour very good on picture, this is the closest I could get to reality. Actually, it's a silver, metal colour with some gold and green touches, but it's less green than in the picture.

Did you get any gift cards?  


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  1. Leuke dingen heb je van cadeaukaart gehaald! Ik heb er helaas geen gekregen :(