Monday 13 January 2014

Make tea, not war

Tea. Many people love it, many people hate it. I personally love it to death and I am dedicated to convince all those non-tealoving creatures out there that tea is an angel's pee.

There are so many flavours and possibilities that every person HAS to at least like one or a few kinds of tea. I have to admit, sometimes when I drink a cup of tea I'm just like 'meh, this doesn't taste special.' but I always have a solution ready. The key to drinking tea is mixing and matching. Buy some loose tea's or spices and just mix them. you can also ad some chocolate or, an absolute must for any tea lover, some chopped liquorice. Heaven. Today I'm going to share some of my favourite teas.

I mostly drink loose teas, but I do have a few tea bags in my favourites. I really like this Lipton Forest Fruit tea. Especially right after I come home on a cold winter day a cup of warm Forest fruit tea is a real essential

I also really like this morocco tea. It's great to drink right before you go to bed.

Although I like tea in bags and I think it's much more convenient to just be able to throw in a bag of tea than preparing a tea egg, I love my loose teas. I like to mix and match and experiment with different sorts of tea, so I guess that's why I drink that much loose tea. These are my favourites:

This is a ready-made mix with rooibos tea, vanilla and citrus. It's a great tea if you're not really into those strong, bitter teas. It tastes soft, fresh and kind of sweet.

This is bamboo tea, a real delicacy in China. It's a very strong, bitter tea, but I quite like it (luckily, because my dad got gifted about a kilogram of this stuff when he was in China for his job)

This is another Chinese tea that my dad brought, but I don't have a clue what kind of tea this is since I don't understand Chinese. So if anyone knows what kind of tea this is, lemme know. It's also quite a strong tea, but it tastes totally different than the bamboo tea.

this is liquorice, a very sweet wood. I have never drunk it just by itself, but I mix it a lot with other kinds of tea. For example I mix it with the bamboo tea, or the rooibos, or the mysterious Chinese tea in the red box. It just gives your tea a really special sweet touch.


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