Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Review: Self-tanner from Yves Rocher

I have something to confess: I have milky legs. Not milky way legs, but seriously: white legs and I don’t like it. My face, my arms and my feet: they tan but my legs refuse. So that doesn’t look good when I wear a short or dress. I had to go to a party with a dress and I decided I wanted to try a self-tanner. I never bought one earlier because I read so many horror stories on the internet of people who looked like an orange zebra afterwards. I asked the girl in the store how to do it properly, I asked for experiences and tips at people who already used a self-tanner, I searched the internet … I was completely prepared!

I bought my self-tanner (only for legs) in Yves Rocher for 11 euros. They also have a spray or cream for your whole body or especially for your face. It promises shimmer cream golden legs and has a tiare flower scent. If you can believe them, you’d have sunkissed legs in only 15 minutes…

First I was about to apply it with surgical gloves but I felt like I couldn’t blend the cream completely like that. I tried then if I could wash the cream easily off my hands and when that worked, I continued applying it with my bare hands. It’s very important you apply it from your feet to your upper thigh, not different. To remove possible streaks, make sure you have nail polish remover or wipes close. Your knees can’t be as brown as the rest of your legs, so I went with a wipe lightly over it when I was finished to make it look more natural. I needed a few layers before I saw result, but of course that depends on how your legs are and what you want.

Afterwards, I understood what they meant with ‘shimmer’ legs, my legs were full of glitters… The cream is too much scented: when I walked outside hours after applying it, I could still smell it clearly. And sunkissed legs in only 15 minutes? Nope. You need to avoid water for 3 hours and in those 3 hours you also need to avoid your bed, a pants, chairs… But, when you give it the time to dry and let the scent move away, I can assure you'll have a good result. I don’t recognize my own legs! And they still aren’t too tanned (I wanted it to look natural), but I can’t imagine my legs were even whiter than how they are now! How did I dare to walk around in a short with those legs? :o Before using a self-tanner, I got the question: ‘Didn’t your legs see the sun this summer?’ Afterwards I got the question: ‘Where did you spend your holiday? What a lovely tan you finally have!’ I like the result and I’ll use a self-tanner again, most likely this one.

(Note: I couldn't take a good picture that clearly shows the result. Sorry!)

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