Thursday 5 September 2013

My summer of '13


Hello everyone!
In class, some teachers ask us about our vacation. And that is also what I’m going to tell you about today! Summer is one of the best seasons for so many reasons, but number one: THE FREEDOM! I enjoyed going to sleep after midnight, sleep late in the morning, eat breakfast and lunch together and spend time in our garden sunbathing, reading and listening to music. I had a couple of days like this and it made me feel as free as a bird. I’ll miss those days the most. Now school has begun, I’ll feel guilty every time I am lazy or waste my time.

This vacation, I spent more time on my computer than other vacations and that of course because we started this blog. Somehow, the blog was everywhere I looked during this summer. Every time I ate something special: “Ah, I have to take a picture for the blog!” (Living the food life) or when I went shopping: “Oh, I’m going to buy this product to write a review about it!” (Yeah…sorry, blog, sometimes I use you as an excuse to buy something, don’t feel offended.)  I met up more with E. because of this blog and we already had so much fun! I’m so glad I can do this together with my equally awkward, awesome friend! (Damn..sorry E.,it doesn’t sound like a compliment, but it is!)

I didn’t travel that far this year. We thought for weeks where we wanted to go to and we couldn’t agree so eventually my dad came up with ‘Friesland’ in the Netherlands. Some of you will think: eww..where is the sun? We aren’t the kind of family that wants to meet the sun and lay at the swimming pool all day long, we want to walk around, discover and culture. Friesland was perfect for that. It was there so calm and quiet, you got completely zen. We went to an island, went shopping, went for a walk to the sea, went to an old village etc. In the house we stayed we had a sauna and a solarium so my sister and I used that as many times as we could.

We also went for a week to the ‘Ardennen’. My grandparents have a house there, so we go there every year. I went there since I was born but after all those years I’m still not fed up with it. My dad always searches for new things we can do. We went bicycling and walking, went shopping to Luik (PRIMARK!!!) and Maastricht, went to Phantasialand and Euro Space Center etc.

There was also time for partying. We had many guests coming over but we also were invited to close friends of which we know there will be much dancing going on. That night I had so much fun. We talked and laughed, we danced and sang, we swam after midnight, we looked at the sky until we saw a shooting star… Lovely! And not to forget: free concerts I went to and Feest in het Park.

And it may sound stupid, ridiculous or whatever…but this vacation has changed me. Last school year I felt like nothing was going the way I wanted to: my behaviour, my relation with friends and my parents, my grades… I wanted to change so this vacation I thought a lot about everything and how to handle better. I also cleaned my whole room, threw stuff with bad memories away, got more organised, met up with the people I really wanted to see and tried to care less about what other people think about me. This school year I see as a second chance, a new start and I don’t want to ruin it this time.

Okay, summer is over, school begins again, but I’m not sad! The following months a lot of nice stuff will happen for me, after waiting for a long time.
1) New season of my favourite series: The Walking Dead, New Girl, Shameless etc.
2) Release of the book Allegiant from Veronica Roth
3) Release of the movie Catching Fire
4) Concert of Bastille
And my favourite holiday: New Year’s Eve. Only 117 days to go.

I hope you had a nice summer!

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  1. Leuk dat je naar friesland bent geweest, ik kom uit sneek :D