Saturday 26 October 2013

Review: NYC Smooth Skin pressed powder and cover stick.

I was wandering around at my local drug store and of course I couldn't leave without buying something. I went home with a few new things, among this NYC creamy concealer and compact powder. Actually I've never tried any NYC product, so I was pretty excited to try these.

Before I review these product I want to apologize for my poor photographing skills. I'm planning to work on that. Actually I don't even have my own camera, maybe I should get one...

The package of the Cover Stick doesn't really please me. It's just a plain plastic lipstick-like packaging with some white letters, not classy at all. The cover stick comes in quite a few colours. (even green, why would you want a green concealer?) 

I bought the Cover Stick in the shade medium, which matches my skin tone perfectly. I mostly use it under my eyes to cover some dark circles and for that this little baby does a decent job, Although I find it quite hard to blend it in. For that reason I don't really like to use this Cover Stick to conceal other imperfections or breakouts, I feel like it's kind of making them stand out more instead of covering them. 

NYC cover stick: €2,49

The pressed powder has a very normal black round packaging with a nice mirror and an imprint of the NYC logo. Nothing special, but I like it. The pressed powder comes in three shades: translucent, naturally beige and warm beige. They're all three quite light, so if you have darker skin you won't find a suitable shade.

I like this product a lot. It keeps my skin matte almost all day and that's just what I was hoping for. Excellent product for a nice price it seems. Bargain!

Have you ever tried any NYC products?


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