Sunday, 27 October 2013

This is an apps world... #2

A lot of people have a smartphone, tablet or an MP3 with touch. What makes those devices special? Right, one of the reasons: you can download millions of apps! Who hasn't heard yet about Instagramming your food or doesn't know someone with a serious Candy Crush Saga addiction? I thought it was time to show you some lesser-known apps of which I'm really happy they exist.

One that we all should have on our device: Gratitude Journal. The concept is easy: write daily five things (or more) down of which you are grateful they happened that day. Since the day I started using this app, I'm way more thankful for everyhing: a friend that made me laugh, a simple, but nice-cooked meal etc. It doesn't matter how bad my day was, I still try to find something to write down so I don't only concentrate on the negative. Yes, I'm a big fan of this!

Only available on the iTunes store for a small price.
Caramel sauce made that day a good one. 

Second up: 8tracks. I do everything with music: showering, bicycling, running, cooking, studying...But I'm too lazy to make a seperate playlist for all those activities: a playlist full of beats for my work-out, more instrumental music for when I'm studying...Well, with 8tracks that problem is out of my life! There are more than a million playlists, each created by someone with an intention and an own music style. Want to study with instrumental music? Fine, search with the interests study + instrumental + relax. Or are you someone that needs beats while studying? No problem, search for study + beats + hip hop for example. It's very handy and you discover new songs and people. 

Check out the playlist 'I dare you to not sing along' with throwback songs: I sang already at the first 10 seconds. 

You can download the app for free in the Google Play Store or iTunes store. You can also use the site.

Last one: Lift. Lift is an app that helps achieve your big or small goals. First, you have to set some goals and then you can see your progress, the frequency per week, per month etc. It helps you to make from something a habit with reminders, coaching and the support you get from your friends with Lift or the other people there. I only started using it this weekend and I hope it will help me!

Download the app for iOs here or use the site.
Still need to eat a banana, go for a run and
try to sleep by midnight!

Have you already heard about these apps?

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  1. I started singing along as well, it's stronger than myself.