Thursday 5 June 2014

This is an apps world... #4

A lot of people have a smartphone, tablet or an MP3 with touch. What makes those devices special? Right, one of the reasons: you can download millions of apps! Who hasn't heard yet about Instagramming your food or doesn't know someone with a serious Candy Crush Saga addiction? I thought it was time to show you some lesser-known apps of which I'm really happy they exist.

It has been a long time since #3 of this item, but here I am again!

Let's start with Pact. I don't know how you are when it comes to finding the strength to work-out every day or once a week, but with excuses as 'my little toe hurts', 'I forgot my headphone and can't run without for once!' and 'it's too hot to go inside the gym today', I knew I needed a solution. This solution includes money, so pretty effective if you ask me.

Pact is an app that empowers you to hit your healthy goals. At the start you have to set a weekly goal (workout that day, eat healthier in general etc.) AND what you will pay other members if you don't reach it. If you succeed in your pact, you earn cash rewards from members who don't. In my eyes this is very motivational!

iPhone Screenshot 2

Available on the iTunes store and on the Google Play store for free!

Next up: Overview. I know that many people aren't happy with their standard phone calendar.  For you guys out there, I have found this nice and unique alternative what concerns the design.

This is how the developer describes his app:

We like to think about time as something that smoothly flows through our lives. Not left, right, up, down or next page. So we designed a simple scrollable timeline for you to put your stuff on top of and swipe through. You could say it's a more straightforward perspective on your life.
iPhone schermafdruk 1 
Since I started using it, I hate grid-based calendars With this you have more of an overview (oh, look, I just explained the name of the app by giving my opinion) of your upcoming events.

Only available on the iTunes store for a small price.

And to add and finish, another feature on your phone that an app can do better. I'm talking about Thinglist. Have you been in the following situation or any other similar situation: you have had a sample perfume that you liked and you want to remember the name to buy it later. So what do you do? Write it on a piece of paper that you will lose? Type it in the notes of your phone but don't find it later between all the other notes? No, from now on you can put in in Thinglist, a fun, easy way to organise and remember things!

iPhone Screenshot 4

You can download Thinglist for iOs here or for Android here for free.

I hope one of these apps may be useful for you!


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