Monday 26 May 2014

Tag: First things

I guess this tag doesn't need further explanation... Here we go!

First thing you do when you wake up.

The first thing I do, well after I've hit the snooze button for too many times, is mostly just hurrying to the bathroom because I always make the same old mistake again and again: drink too much water right before going to bed. When I wake up at night because of that, I'm just so comfy under my sheets that I prefer racing to the toilet in the morning than getting up. After that, I take a cold shower.

First thing you do when you go the gym.

I'm so happy I can answer this question from now on and don't have to be like 'I don't go to the gym.'. Yay, a small victory! I always start with 20 minutes cardio, mostly bicycling or if I don't feel like bicycling that day, I have to start a fight with the other girls who also want to go on the treadmill. (sometimes the girl is called 'E'. Edit from 'E': I always win, MUHAHAHA)

First thing you do when you come home after a workday or school day.

Kitchen. Fridge. Food. I come home at 6 o'clock, so then I'm mostly hungry, not yet hangry. I quickly take something small to eat or drink before I check my social networks and mails.

First car.

Unfortunately, I'm still not allowed to drive, so I don't have a 'first' car. But if my parents are reading this: a Mini Cooper, Fiat 500 or Volvo C30 are fine for my birthday!

First accident.

It was when I was young and still stubborn. We were travelling with the family to Germany by car and we were lost for a moment so my father decided to stop on a car park/square, we didn't really know what it was exactly. It was a long car ride, so as kid I wanted to move and play so I got out the car, ignoring my mother telling me that I couldn't do that. I started running and heard my dad, my mom and my sister chasing after me and I thought they wanted to play tag so I ran even faster, until I ran right in front of a car. Guardian angel, I thank you for that one, because I only had some bruises, nothing more.

First thing you wanted to be when you grow up.

My sister and I often played that we had a clothing store together and that we were very successful, so I wanted my own clothing store. Well, now I have a blog, so that's a small step in that direction.

Besides the clothing store, I also wanted to become a cook, a teacher, a doctor, a police officer, a singer or even more vague ' just famous'. Today I still don't know what I'll study next year... Help!

First choice to drink.

Water. Definitely water. I don't really like soft drinks or even sparkling water. Drinking water has so many health benefits for you, so why would I choose something else?

First choice dessert.

This one is really difficult. I have a special connection with desserts and don't want to offense any kind of dessert with my choice. Desserts, much love for all of you! Just kidding. When I was younger, I'd swear by pancakes, now I mostly go for crème brûlée. Why? Because I get so excited when I can hit on the caramel layer with the back of my spoon and because CARAMEL, that's why!

This was one of the best crème brûlée that I ate at a restaurant. One, because it is crème brûlée, but second reason: there was even caramel ice on top! I never saw crème brûlée and ice together, but it is a really good combination.

First thing you think about right now.

Ow, I'll sound very boring, but I was thinking about how much school work there is waiting for me on my desk. Sad thought.

First purchase.

My parents didn't allow me to buy things with my own money for quite some years, they wanted me to save money 'for later'. One day in the store, my mother got fed up with my nagging to buy something that she eventually let me. I bought a reindeer that could sing 'Merry Christmas' and dance. Yep. On reflection, I think it was a good thing that they didn't allow me to buy things right away...

First job.

Babysitting doesn't really count as a 'real' job, so my very first job was at the bakery where I still work! I always thought that that would be a nice job to do, and I wasn't wrong. Every week, I look forward to working again. I serve the customers and it's nice to see all the different kind of people: drunk people at 6 in the morning, old people that want to have a good talk, a man that hasn't much time, a mother with her children that only accompany her for the candy they will get etc. "Don't you have trouble to get up that early?" No, not at all. I've never been somebody that likes sleeping late in the morning, so I don't mind.

First time in a plane.

That was only two years ago. My mother is scared to travel by plane, so we have always travelled by car. My father wanted to go to Dublin for ages though and it would take too much time by boat, so we had to go by plane. After reassuring my mom over and over again and taking the necessary precautions, the moment for takeoff came. I found it very exciting and nice! It was a whole event for me actually, travelling by plane. I would do it over and over again, but my mom isn't from that thought. I guess we'll have to leave her home when we go to New York City...

Feel free to copy the tag, because I'm very excited to read about your first things!

- H

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