Friday 2 May 2014

Nail inspiration of the month.

I've been doing the Nails of the month post for three months now and I'm already failing. Once a loser without perseverance, always a loser without perseverance, I guess. Haha. I had quite a busy month with a lot of schoolwork and just normal work, so I didn't really put any effort in my nails. If I painted them at all, I basically used a plain red or blue, so not really interesting to see, really. As I refuse to admit that I have failed my resolution of posting a monthly nails of the month, I'll do one with a twist. I figured I'd show you guys the nicest nail arts I stumbled upon on the interwebz this month.

Source: Unknown

How cute is this? It really reminds me of Disney's 'Paperman', the best short film of all time. I love Paperman so much, it's one of my favourite things to watch. I'll try this one as a tribute to the film.

Source: Fox News
I love french manicure and every possible twist to it, so I'm devoted to give this one a try very soon.
Source: Normandlou

Source: Trendy4

The geometric trend is one of my favourites this season and I am really excited to put stuff like this on my nails. Hooray!

Source: unknown
This might be a bit above my level, but I don't think anyone can say that this nail art looks lame. I love every single element of it and I really wish I could do stuff like this.

Source: Unknown
This is probably my favourite design of this post. I love how it's not perfect, it gives the whole a really artsy look.

Source: By Helena
I really love the combination of the nude polish and the coloured pineapples here. And I mean, how adorable is it to walk around with tiny fruits on your nails.

Source: Haley Higgins
Ah, daisies, another huge trend that I love. I like how the flowers are only half on the nails. This design is definitely perfect for summertime.

And last but not least, a shout out to the coolest nail stickers ever. The l'orĂ©al 031 tie-die rocks. 


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