Wednesday 16 April 2014

New in: bracelet holder

Lately I've really been into wearing bracelets and because of that my collection is slowly growing. After I just dumping them in a jar for a while I finally realised I needed some kind of bracelet holder. Just as I was thinking about my bracelet storage this beauty jumped into my eye. After staring at it for a little while I decided to take it home and cherish it for ever and ever. In all seriousness, I'm really over the moon with it. 

The stand is made of some kind of black velvet and I think it looks really fancy. It displays my bracelets really nicely and it's pretty handy in use. What more could one wish? I got it in a local store, but you can really get it anywhere. I'm sure you can get it on ebay or amazon for a really nice price. Now I'll show you a shitload of pictures that are actually all pretty much the same. I just really love this thingy, I guess.

- How do you store your bracelets?


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