Monday 7 April 2014

Nails of the month #2

Last month we did our first nails of the month post and I actually thought it was nice to keep track of what I put on my nails and I always like to see what people put on their nails, so I figured why not (try to) do this every month? I hope you guys like these kind of posts. In March I put a bit more effort in doing my nails, because I didn't have to work that much. (I'm not allowed to wear nail polish where I work) I tried some new things and I found some new favourite nail polishes.

At the beginning of march I tried to do a french manicure with a twist. To be honest I was kind of pleased with the result! I used a french manicure set from Action and then I applied a silver nail art sticker from the essence superheroes limited edition. The stickers stayed on for a decent amount of time (about three days), but I think that the Action nail polish kind of damaged my nails. Such a shame.

Here I just applied 'Stardust' from the Catrice crushed crystals collection. I think this is one of my new favourites. It's a beautiful dark liquid sand, but it has a pink touch to it. I really got a lot of compliments on this polish. Even my mum, who hates nail polish, said she liked it.

Next up the weather was getting really summery and so was my manicure. I used Rituals' 'Mojito', a gorgeous mint green and probably my all time favourite nail colour, with on top the l'oréal Paris confetti topper. I like to use this top coat to do a slight ombre on my nails.

When I removed the polish something terrible- and actually pretty weird- happened. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a piece of my nail decided to start working independently and fell out. How is that even possible? I didn't even rip my nail or anything. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

After that traumatising experience I tried my new Rituals polish in the colour 'Lavender' and I like it very much. Great quality, great coverage, great everything. I found yet another favourite here.

Here in Belgium the weather suddenly got really hot, even hotter than it is in the middle of summer, so I started feeling very summery. I attempted to do an ombre effect on my nails with a pastel yellow and a coral pink (it looks orange, I know, but it's pink, I swear.), both from HEMA. 

The next day was even hotter and the colours reminded me of a sunset, so in my rage of summer happiness I painted some palm trees on my nails. One day later I already had to take it off because I had to work and because my mum thought it looked hideous. Sad.

At the end of the month it started to rain again, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear a winter colour again. You'll probably see me doing this a lot, I don't really believe in season colours. I wore 'Dead red' from Biguine wit Catrice's 'Two Million Dollar Baby' on top.

That was it for March, have a nice month!


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