Monday 7 April 2014

Rituals haul

One of our most popular posts ever is a Rituals haul, which is great, because I think Rituals deserves to be way more popular on the Internet than it actually is. A little while ago I did some damage in Rituals again and since you guys seem to like a good haul every now and then I thought I'd share with you what I bought.

First of all I bought a bed & body mist in the fragrance 'Happy Mist'. It smells a lot like oranges and I know a lot of people hate the smell of oranges, but I really like it and I think it's perfect for spring and summer. I like to spray this on my pillow before I go to sleep and I'm sure I will use it a lot this summer just to spray all over myself. I also love the rose gold lid.
The Happy Mist costs €16,50.

In my last Rituals haul I bought a gorgeous mint nail polish and I really like the quality of it. I just keep using it over and over again so I decided to treat myself with another Rituals polish. This one is called lavender and it's a really nice pastel purple.
The nail polish costs €5,00

I bought the exact same hand cream as I did last time. This is just my go to hand cream, I take it with me wherever I go and there's one in my bathroom, in my toilet, the guest bathroom... It's perfection
This Ginko's secret hand balm costs €10,00

Finally I bought two foaming shower gels. One in the scent T'ai Chi and one in the scent Hammam Delight. I've repurchased the T'ai Chi one several times, but I've never used the Hammam Delight one. 
Both shower gels are €8,00

Should we do hauls like this more often?


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