Saturday, 30 August 2014

DIY: Photo garland

Summer break is ending, on Monday we're going back to school. That means that we'll have to sacrifice all our spare time to making homework, studying for tests and put all our creativity in weird projects (like 'turn this book into a modern painting' or 'write a poem about scotch tape'. Anyone else gets these tasks?) As I was thinking about that, I decided that in my last week of freedom I had to make a DIY. Since I had some photo's that needed a nice spot in my room, I made a photo garland.

What you'll need:

First of all you measure out your paper so that two of the four edges are just a tiny bit bigger than the actual edge of the picture picture. The other two edges should be about one and a half our two inches longer.

After that you measure out the centre of your piece of paper, draw a line and cut out a triangle, creating a flag shape.

Now just glue your photo where you want it and decorate it with some washi tape, stickers, or anything you want. Glue a rope to the back of your flags and decorate the rope with some tiny tape flags as well.

Lastly you just hang your photo garland and you're done! 
I hope you guys enjoyed this super easy and quick DIY, let us know if you recreate it yourself!

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