Monday 2 September 2013

First day of school 2013


A lot of you guys might've gone back to school for a while or maybe you're still in vacation. Our first day of school was today. The entire country has to go back on the first of September, but since that was yesterday, Sunday, we only had to go on the second of September, which means an extra day. Yay! We've been looking to back to school videos constantly for the past week, but even that didn't help us to get in the school mood. But...we were lucky, school only started at 10 o'clock.

When we arrived, it was quite nice to see our friends again, but then the bell rang and the horror was about to begin. The first two hours were probably the most two boring hours of my life. Our teacher was just explaining us things we already knew and she gave us our schedule, which took quite some time, because there were 4 different schedules in our class. Then we did a question game to get to know each other better. We find that always very awkward. And when the bell rang for the lunch break, we were so happy we didn't get a question...until she said we'd continue the next lesson. Damn.

After the break, it was time for religious education. We get that subject from a teacher we also had last school year so we are used to his way of teaching. (Oh, he used 'YOLO' but he said: "You live only once." Teachers...) And then the number one feared subject: mathematics. We have six hours mathematics and those hours are very bad scheduled: Monday 2 hours, Thursday 2 hours and Friday 2 hours. Buh, but the teacher is good, so we'll survive.

Then we had Chemistry where we made our first fail together. We have two buildings in our school and we walked self-assured to building B talking. Suddenly we noticed we didn't see any of our classmates in front of us or behind us. The bell rang already a long time ago so we quickly hurried to builing A, trying to find an excuse and... the classroom. When we opened the door, all those heads turned towards the door. Always awkward.

After all, the day went quite fast but it'll take a few weeks before we are used to it...and that's the moment of the first tests. Pfff. Sorry, we won't start complaining! Good luck everyone with school! Believe in yourself!

Note: Because of school, it's possible we won't post an article every day. We hope you understand that but we'll do our best!


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