Thursday 29 August 2013

Festival: Feest In Het Park 2013


After we tasted Rock Werchter for a day (read the post here), we just couldn't get enough of the festivals and went to another one! This time it was a smaller one with about 12 000 visiters a day.
Somehow...that felt cosy.

We arrived the last day with the sounds of Sir Yes Sir, a Belgian music group. Because it was a really sunny day, we didn't watched the performance inside but enjoyed it while walking around to get drinks and stuff. Their genre is indierock. For us, it's music we'd add to our playlist.

That song was one of our personal favourites.

Next group we heard, was Roland&Mauro. The duo was announced as a blues band, but it was more like a mixed genre: rock, soul, blues, funk... There was also a girl singing with them, Reena Riot, whose voice sometimes sounded like Adele. We sat on the grass with the sun shining down on us and talked a bit with this music on the background. It could calm you down.

Next up: Admiral Freebee, also a Belgian singer. They often compare him to Neil Young. He stood there, just him, his guitar and his very good voice. We liked it! If you know a song from Admiral Freebee, it's probably this one: 

After that, it was time for Alice Russell, a British soul singer. The crowd really started moving their body with her performance. 

Waiting for the last performance, we went to another tent where DJ Koentje was playing. He used mostly older songs, for example 'Pretty Woman', mixed with a good beat. was good! There were lights, fire and smoke. Do we need to say more?

Last but absolutely not least, Julian Marley. Yes, yes, one of the sons from the one and only Bob Marley. He is just like his father when it comes to looks and music. He even sang songs from his father! Oh..and he asked the audience if there were any Bob Marley fans. Kidding us?

When we had to wait for the next performance, we tried to get free gadgets. Let's be honest...festivals mean mostly music but also getting free stuff. You could get a free pair of sneakers, limited edition from the festival. Only thing you had to do...get the shoe with a claw crane! As a child, we couldn't do that properly and apparently many years later, we still suck at it. We needed a few tries but then, finally, we both got our pair. 

Coca-Cola was also present. You could recycle your bottles to get a free drink or a free ferris wheel ride. We didn't hesitate and recycled for the ferris wheel ride (and for the environment of course). It was so much fun that we even went twice! Last time was at night with all the pretty lights shining...lovely!

We also got a T-shirt from Coca-Cola. Would you share a coke with us?

Good music, fun, drinks...We'll miss the summer festivals!

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