Sunday 8 September 2013

Autumn and Winter clothing haul

With the colder weather coming up, we thought it was time to go on a few small shopping trips to get some nice and warm clothes. We also bought some other things that we just couldn't leave in the store. You know the feeling when a pair of shoes are begging you to take them home? Yeah… We certainly do. We got some really nice things that we wanted to share with you guys in this Autumn and Winter clothing haul.

I got these shoes in a little boutique, but I don't really remember where I bought them. They were really cheap anyways and I wanted some new Oxford flats for a while. I had a pair last year, but they were all messed up, because I went hiking in the woods with them.
I really love these black combat boots. I like to describe them as elegant with an edgy twist. These are going to be worn a lot during this Autumn and Winter. They're from the Flair (a Belgian magazine) collection, so they're only available in Belgium. 
I also went to another Belgian store called jbc. There's one really close to my house and I always find cute clothes there. I fell in love with this sweater the moment I saw it. I really like the vintage flower print and it is so unbelievably comfy.
This plain black vest has some nice subtile detailing at the back and I just needed one of these, so I grabbed that.
This is something I've been wanting for a very long time, but I never found one that fits me perfectly: An army print skinny jeans. It's not really a jeans, it's more of a jegging, so it's super comfortable. And also, it has little skull details! 
I needed a neutral coloured coat, so I picked this one up. The fake fur on the neck can be removed. It has really big pockets and a hood. And if you know the Belgian weather, you'll understand how useful that can be.
I saw this in a store and I needed that in my closet,no matter what! Only problem; the day before I already
bought a lot, so I had to convince my mother. That went quite easy: when I tried it on, she saw what a beauty it was.
Thanks mommy!
It may not look that special, but this sweater is so soft and comfy.
Perfect for a cold Winter's day.
Just a basic long cardigan but in a perfect autumn colour.
I love it!


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