Monday 23 September 2013

Idea: motivation 'wall'

School started a few weeks ago and for now, it’s all easy-going. No homework, no tests and the finals? More than two months away. But later in the school year my to do-list will be too long, I’ll be stressed, I’ll have bad grades and eventually I’ll lose all hope in myself and feel like quitting, crying and moving to another planet to have a break from school. (Okay, I’m exaggerating now, but still!) Of course that is not a good solution… so I made myself a motivation ‘wall’, that is not actually on a wall. Take a look at it:

I still need to print out more quotes and pictures, but this is already a start.
I placed this on my desk with the idea that when I'll be studying, I’ll see all those quotes and feel the strength to, for example, try solving an algebra equation again and again until I find the solution. Quotes are enough to make me do that. And it looks better than a ‘naked’ desk of course.

I used an IKEA transparent desk pad for 4,99 euros, but a transparent place mat would work as well. I printed quotes out on coloured paper, so it looks better. Of course you can make it all personal: pictures with friends, of your dog, favourite band or I don’t know what, but I only wanted it to motivate me and pictures would distract me while studying. Besides, I already have enough pictures in my room. I placed all the quotes under the pad, without attaching, and that works completely fine. You can attach the quotes to the pad, but I like to be able to change the quotes whenever I find better ones. 

When I’m fed up with the quotes thing, I guess I'll buy wrapping paper with a nice print and wrap the pad. That also has a nice effect. Another idea is to save your cinema tickets, train tickets, concert tickets etc., and make a collage of that under the pad. All those lovely memories :)

Easy ideas, but I like it!


  1. Oh yeah, that is a great idea!

  2. Jaaaaaa, hier houd ik van!! Mijn muur hangt helemaal vol met bloginspiratie! :)

  3. Heel erg goed idee, moet ik ook eens gaan maken! :)