Sunday 22 December 2013

Review: Essence cuticle nail softener pen

I have a guilty confession to make… I take bad care of my nails. Really bad care. I mutilate my nails by biting pieces of their head off, I've only started using a base coat a few moths ago and I've never did anything whatsoever to take care of my dearest cuticles. Time to change that, I thought, and I bought the Essence cuticle care pen.

This pen is meant to push back you're cuticles and treat them at the same time. Sounds good to me. Let's see if this pen does what it promises.

I think the packaging is quite nice and it's very handy in use. The pen itself is made of a hard consistency that gives of a moisturizing product. It's really easy to push back your cuticles with the pen point and since I've been using this I've never had ripped cuticles, which I had a lot before.

I'd conclude that this is not a wonderpen, but it's a great product if you're just lazy like me and don't like to spend hours on you cuticles. (I know no one spends hours taking care of their cuticles, but you get the picture ;) ) So if you don't have terrible cuticles, but you do want to take a bit more care of them, this product is great. Otherwise you'll need something better, for example the lemony flutter cuticle butter from Lush.

You can get the pen at your local drug store for €2,49


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  1. Misschien moet ik dit ook eens proberen, t gaat namelijk ook niet goed met mijn nagels (ik bijt ze :()
    leuk artikel!


  2. haha ik vind de naam van je blog ge-wel-dig! Ik volg je nu op bloglovin! Ik zou het echt heel leuk vinden als je me terug volgt! xx

    1. Dankje voor het lieve commentaar :) en natuurlijk willen we je terug volgen op bloglovin'.

  3. Fijne review, hier was ik stiekem ook wel benieuwd naar ;). Ik gebruik ook Lemony Flutter en dat is echt hemels spul!