Thursday 20 February 2014

The Boyfriend Tag

The boyfriend tag, it's one of my favourite tags to read on other blogs and I've been wanting to do this tag myself for such a long time. So I finally stepped up to my boyfriend and said 'I want to do the boyfriend tag.' He immediately answered 'OK!' and whilst I was preparing, he prudently asked 'Honeeeey, what exactly is a tag?' If you want to see how he scored on this questionnaire, keep on reading!

She's watching TV, what program is she watching?
He: How I Met Your Mother
Me: Yup, absolutely. I love that show! I also really like Bones and The Walking Dead.

The cast of how I met your mother. (Source)

Name a food that she finds disgusting.
He: Hmm... Something you find disgusting... Wait, I know something, wait... croquettes? 
Me:Yeah, I don't really like them, but there's something else that I really hate. It's burgundy and it smells like dirt. 
He: Oh, red cabbage
You guys are going out for dinner, what drink does she order?
He: Coca-Cola Zero/Light
What's her shoe size?
Me: I don't think you know that. 
He: 39
Me: Crap.
If she would collect something, what would it be?
He: Nailpolish, I think you even save the empty packages.
Me: I don't empty packages... They always dry up before I do (I don't think anyone has ever emptied a bottle of nailpolish. If you have and you're reading this: How did you do that?)
What is her favourite sandwich?
He: 'Smos' (a sandwich with cheese, ham, salad, carrots, tomatoes, eggs, cucumbers, mayonnaise and sometimes pickles.) preferably without pickles and mayonnaise.
Me: Wow, impressive.
Name something she could eat all day, every day.
He: Chocolate
Me: True, I really can't survive the day without any kind of chocolaty thing.


What's her favourite breakfast?
He: Yogurt? 
Me: Eww, no, I hate yogurt
He: Chocolate?
Me: Haha, close, but that's not really socially acceptable to eat as a breakfast, is it? I quite like Bread with chocolate spread or danish pastries with chocolate. 

And chocolate.
What's her favourite music?
He: Bastille, without a doubt.
What's her favourite sports team?
Me: I have to think about that myself actually.
He: Why would you have a favourite sports team? You don't like sports.
Me: I like Chelsea... Actually I'm just proud that I know the name of some people playing in Chelsea.
He: So that doesn't count.
what colour are her eyes?
He: Greengreyblue, It depends on the lighting.
Me: That's true, I have a quite undefinable eye colour.
Name a habit of yours that she finds annoying?
He: Only one habit? (laughs hysterically) I sing in public, I don't answer your texts very often, I play a lot on my xbox, I sometimes forget that we have a date and then I have to cancel it an hour before...
Me: Yeah, alright, one was enough. Now I sound like a horrible and overly attached girlfriend, haha.
He: You are.
*awkward moment of silence*
Me: Thanks. (sad puppy face)
He: I was just kidding honey, you know I was.
What's her favourite cake?
He: Raspberry cake
Me: Raspberry cake with marzipan
He: Oh we're getting posh aren't we, demanding marzipan on our cake. (giggles)

Raspberrycake with marzipan, or 'Kreketaart' as we call it here. (Source)

What sports has she practised?

He: Gymnastics, fitness and you've done yoga and judo a few times as well.
Me: Correct. This might surprise you, but I've also played tennis and a few years ago I took some dance lessons.
He: Played tennis? You? Were you any good?
Me: HAHA, no! Of course not, what did you expect.
Me: You did forget my favourite sport though: I love to ski.
Name something she could do for hours?
He: Painting your nails, watching series and reading blogs
What's her biggest talent?
He: You're unable to... no... You're good at... no... I don't know how to say this, it's a really strange talent... You... No, I'll just choose another talent.
You're good at painting your nails.
Me: Not that good.
He: Well, you're better than me, so...
Last question: How long have you been together?
He:1 year, 11 months and 15 days.
Me: Yes, we've been together since the 3rd of March 2012.

Feel free to take over this tag. Do you have a boyfriend?


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  1. That was fun!!! What's a tag :). He knows you very well. I have never emptied a nail polish bottle but I never use a color more than twice :D

    xx Mira