Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Boyfriend Tag

The boyfriend tag, it's one of my favourite tags to read on other blogs and I've been wanting to do this tag myself for such a long time. So I finally stepped up to my boyfriend and said 'I want to do the boyfriend tag.' He immediately answered 'OK!' and whilst I was preparing, he prudently asked 'Honeeeey, what exactly is a tag?' If you want to see how he scored on this questionnaire, keep on reading!

She's watching TV, what program is she watching?
He: How I Met Your Mother
Me: Yup, absolutely. I love that show! I also really like Bones and The Walking Dead.

The cast of how I met your mother. (Source)

Name a food that she finds disgusting.
He: Hmm... Something you find disgusting... Wait, I know something, wait... croquettes? 
Me:Yeah, I don't really like them, but there's something else that I really hate. It's burgundy and it smells like dirt. 
He: Oh, red cabbage
You guys are going out for dinner, what drink does she order?
He: Coca-Cola Zero/Light
What's her shoe size?
Me: I don't think you know that. 
He: 39
Me: Crap.
If she would collect something, what would it be?
He: Nailpolish, I think you even save the empty packages.
Me: I don't empty packages... They always dry up before I do (I don't think anyone has ever emptied a bottle of nailpolish. If you have and you're reading this: How did you do that?)
What is her favourite sandwich?
He: 'Smos' (a sandwich with cheese, ham, salad, carrots, tomatoes, eggs, cucumbers, mayonnaise and sometimes pickles.) preferably without pickles and mayonnaise.
Me: Wow, impressive.
Name something she could eat all day, every day.
He: Chocolate
Me: True, I really can't survive the day without any kind of chocolaty thing.


What's her favourite breakfast?
He: Yogurt? 
Me: Eww, no, I hate yogurt
He: Chocolate?
Me: Haha, close, but that's not really socially acceptable to eat as a breakfast, is it? I quite like Bread with chocolate spread or danish pastries with chocolate. 

And chocolate.
What's her favourite music?
He: Bastille, without a doubt.
What's her favourite sports team?
Me: I have to think about that myself actually.
He: Why would you have a favourite sports team? You don't like sports.
Me: I like Chelsea... Actually I'm just proud that I know the name of some people playing in Chelsea.
He: So that doesn't count.
what colour are her eyes?
He: Greengreyblue, It depends on the lighting.
Me: That's true, I have a quite undefinable eye colour.
Name a habit of yours that she finds annoying?
He: Only one habit? (laughs hysterically) I sing in public, I don't answer your texts very often, I play a lot on my xbox, I sometimes forget that we have a date and then I have to cancel it an hour before...
Me: Yeah, alright, one was enough. Now I sound like a horrible and overly attached girlfriend, haha.
He: You are.
*awkward moment of silence*
Me: Thanks. (sad puppy face)
He: I was just kidding honey, you know I was.
What's her favourite cake?
He: Raspberry cake
Me: Raspberry cake with marzipan
He: Oh we're getting posh aren't we, demanding marzipan on our cake. (giggles)

Raspberrycake with marzipan, or 'Kreketaart' as we call it here. (Source)

What sports has she practised?

He: Gymnastics, fitness and you've done yoga and judo a few times as well.
Me: Correct. This might surprise you, but I've also played tennis and a few years ago I took some dance lessons.
He: Played tennis? You? Were you any good?
Me: HAHA, no! Of course not, what did you expect.
Me: You did forget my favourite sport though: I love to ski.
Name something she could do for hours?
He: Painting your nails, watching series and reading blogs
What's her biggest talent?
He: You're unable to... no... You're good at... no... I don't know how to say this, it's a really strange talent... You... No, I'll just choose another talent.
You're good at painting your nails.
Me: Not that good.
He: Well, you're better than me, so...
Last question: How long have you been together?
He:1 year, 11 months and 15 days.
Me: Yes, we've been together since the 3rd of March 2012.

Feel free to take over this tag. Do you have a boyfriend?


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  1. That was fun!!! What's a tag :). He knows you very well. I have never emptied a nail polish bottle but I never use a color more than twice :D

    xx Mira