Friday 12 July 2013

Products we regret buying: July

Everybody has those things in their closet, bathroom or house they wish they had never bought. Maybe you have a fluorescent yellow kitchen table, a perfume that smells like dog poop or a blue blush. As I am someone who doesn't really think before I buy something, I have quite a lot of these things. Some of them are just ugly, really ugly... But others are just really, but really, bad quality. With this post I want to prevent you guys from buying these things. They are no good.

First thing I have this studio nails 24/7 nail base from Essence. Normally I really like their products, but I just can't say anything positive about this one. First of all, the colour is pretty weird, but since it's a base coat I didn't think that would be a problem. Actually it isn't really a problem after all, it's just... weird. The horror starts when you put it on your nails. It seems like it doesn't dry on your nails, but it gets in your nails instead. When you try to apply your favourite nail polish, it takes literally hours to dry. It actually doesn't get completely dry ever. Besides all this, it doesn't do what it promises as well. The base coat says that it lasts 7 days, but it never stayed on for longer than 3 hours. It is your worst nightmare base coat... I'm so sorry Essence, but the word must be spread.

Second are clothes from H&M, which is normally one of my favourite stores. But these items have disappointed me deeply.

It's grey, it has four holes, and it comes to my knees. At least, now it does... As most clothes tend to get smaller by washing it, this sweater got bigger, a lot bigger. Nowadays I wear it as pj's, but that's not what I bought it for, H&M! Ah well, at least it's comfortable.

This T-shirt on the other hand is a whole other story. When I bought it, it was a really dark
black-grey-ish colour. After washing it 3 times now, it's white. And not just white, It's like a fishing-net. The print does last very well, so that's positive, I guess. I always wanted a fishing-net with an AC/DC picture!!!

Conclusion: Clothes from H&M are awesome, but they can't be trusted in a washing machine.

Always be careful with what you buy! Check the quality first and think before you give your precious money to something stupid.

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