Sunday 25 August 2013

Beauty Food: pretty juicy

Everybody wants to look good and to reach that goal we overload ourselves with tons of make-up, lotions, serums and whatever you can imagine. But we forget the natural things that make us pretty. You can make your own face masks and hair masks, which is great. Although it can be easier than that. There are a lot of drinks that help your skin our hair in some way. The most famous example is water, of course. You don't just need water to survive, it also makes your skin looks healthier. But there are other drinks that are good for you. Here are some examples:

Chocolate milk for your skin
By drinking one cup of chocolate milk a day (and one cup only)
, a sensitive skin gets a lot less sensitive. That's because cacao, the main ingredient of chocolate (and chocolate milk) makes the skin stronger and the blood circulation better.

Lemon water for your skin tone
Drinking a glass of half warm water with the juice of half a lemon every morning detoxifies your body. That gives you a prettier skin tone. Bye bye dull skin!

Soy milk for your hair
There's a whole lot of vitamin E in soy milk and that's what gives you nice and glossy hair.


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  1. Yummy and healthy, love it :-)

  2. hey! ik heb je genomineerd voor de liebster award! Voor meer informatie kun je kijken op mijn blog x Rosanne