Tuesday 20 August 2013

DIY not approved by dummies: your own natural hair mask

Hi everyone!

With loads of sun and spending a lot of time in the swimming pool during this summer, my hair was
pretty dried out and ruined. It needed a serious hair repair. I found a DIY online to make your own natural hair mask with banana, olive oil and honey. I know olive oil is good for your hair and banana is delicious so I wanted to try that first before buying a more expensive hair product.

Why would this mask work? Well, the post told me the foods in banana will moisturize your dry hair ends. The honey and olive oil will let your hair shine.

This was how the mask looked...
It didn't look that appealing as the hair masks you can buy,
but I didn't care and thought it was cool that it was made with all natural ingredients.

Applying the mask was already a bit messy. There were chunks of banana in it, so I didn't feel like having those in my hair. Eventually I had and then I had to wait for about half a hour before I could wash it all out. I went to sit outside...which wasn't a good idea. All the bees were attracted to my hair.

Those yellow things...yep...banana.
I went back inside and got in the shower....that my mum had just cleaned. Oops. The shower afterwards was a mess. The mask was everywhere around in the shower. Sorry mommy.

After all the struggling, I was really hoping for a good result! Which I got! My hair was shiny and looked way more healthy. It smelled lovely and felt so soft that I couldn't stop touching it.


Negative points: it took me a couple of days before I got all the banana chunks completely out and let's face it, it's a real mess. My advise for you guys: If you want to make this mask, use a sifter! Then you won't have all my misery and then it will be approved by dummies.

The recipe:

1 eat spoon olive oil
1 eat spoon honey
1 banana

1) Use a fork to smash the banana.
2) Add the olive oil and the honey.
3) Mix it.
And an important step: 4) use a sifter to get the banana chunks out.

Massage through hair (especially the hair ends) and leave in for about 30 minutes.
Rinse and wash your hair with shampoo (and conditioner).

Good luck!



  1. Very nice post! i'm gonna try this!

  2. I made this mask a couple of months ago, and I literally love it!