Friday 23 August 2013

This is an apps world...

A lot of people have a smartphone, tablet or an MP3 with touch. What makes those devices special?
Right, one of the reasons: you can download million of apps with it! Who hasn't heard yet about Instagramming your food or doesn't know someone with a serious Candy Crush Saga addiction? I thought it was time to show you some lesser-known apps of which I'm really happy they exist.

First of all, StumbleUpon.
-Warning: if you waste already most of your time with things that aren't useful at all, move on to the explanation of the second app. -

StumbleUpon is a nice app to discover new websites. When you download the app and sign up, you have to pick your personal interests out of a list and then the app will show you sites based on your chosen interests. You can keep stumbling for hours and add the sites you like to a list or give it a thumbs-up to save it. Easy and fun! You don't have to be bored any longer!

For example, with the interest 'music', I got this:
It's a site where you can make a themed mix tape with your favourite songs or listen to somebody else's mix tape. Without the app, I wouldn't have found this site.

You can download the app for free in the Google Play store, iTunes store or Chrome web store (as extension).

Everyday is the second app I want to tell you about. It doesn't need much explaining. With this app, you can take a picture of yourself every day and the app will make a movie with those pictures. You can see yourself change, literally day by day. I find it handy that the photos are only saved in the app itself, so you don't have all those selfpics in your photo album. ;)

Only available on the iTunes store for a small price.

And one all about music: Band of the Day! I like to discover new bands and this app is great for that. Each day the app shows you one undiscovered, upcoming band. It doesn't matter if you like hip hop, indie, rock, R&B, rap or go on, they bring bands of all different music styles. Perfect to avoid a musical rut!

You can use the site or download the app here, only for iOS.

I hope you like this kind of post!


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  1. Ik gebruik zelf ook stumble upon, leuke site/app is dat!

  2. Ik ga eens kijken! Kende ze allemaal nog niet!