Thursday 22 August 2013

Review: MAX caviar nails

A few days ago I posted this review about the MAX crackled nail polish set and told you how much I loved it. Since I was very enthusiastic about the quality of the nail polishes, I went back to Action and bought this caviar nail art set. It was very cheap again, for €0,79 you get a black colour coat, a top coat and a little jar of caviar balls.

I started doing my nails with quite high expectations and the black colour coat really did fulfill them. It covers perfectly with one coat, but you do need to make sure there's enough polish on the brush, and it's a gorgeous creamy black.

The result when I dipped my nails into the caviar… Not that great, as you see.
When your polish is dry, you have to put on the topcoat and dip your finger into the caviar, according to the package. You must not put a topcoat over the caviar! As you see on this picture, dipping my nail didn't work out that great (that might be because of my not-so-awesome nail art skills). So I thought I'd try it again, but this time a strew the caviar over my nails.

As you see, that went a lot better. I'm quite happy with the result, but unfortunately the caviar doesn't stick very well. Not that I expected miracles, but I'm a little disappointed about this nail art set.

The other colours that I used are 'This is what I mint!' from essence and the silver that comes with that MAX crackled nail polish set.


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1 comment:

  1. Too bad it doesn't work out that well. I liked the caviar-nail-idea!