Saturday 2 November 2013

Current addictions #2

More than a month has past since our first current addictions post and since I am quite impulsive, my 'addictions' obviously have changed. These are some of the things that have been absolutely necessary and unmissable in my life this past month.

First of all: handcream. It's getting cold outside and since I drive around with my bike a lot and I can't find my gloves, my hands are in bad condition. I've got a handcream with me everywhere. My absolute favourite one is the Rituals' Ginko's secret extra rich and repairing hand balm. It smells and works so so so good.

Best song of this month: Bonfire heart by James blunt. I need this song to be happy, period.

Fall is obviously here so my favourite occupation this season is just doing nothing and being lazy. And what do you need to do that? Indeed, soft, warm, cosy blankets. Nothing feels better than wrapping yourself in a cosy blanket with a hot cup of tea after a rough day.

M&M's, I can't live without them. I tried not eating them for a while… I failed. I just need my portion of chocolate everyday and M&M's are made of chocolate. (I'm the master of the obvious.)

Last favourite or addiction of this month: my watch. It got if from a cute little boy I babysit sometimes and it's just so awesome. It has a moustache, what more do you want?

Should I do this every month? 

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Source pictures: we heart it (except for watch and hand creams)

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