Thursday 7 November 2013

Gadgets you absolutely don't need but want so badly.

I'm a gadget kind of person. I'd buy things just because they look cool, although I really don't need them, but these gadgets don't just look cool... they're the most awesome things on earth! Take a look with me.

The wonderumbrella "reflective"
This umbrella is grey during the day, but flashy reflective at night. I really need this. Imagine how dangerous walking around at night would be with a normal umbrella..wait, what?

Juwelenhouder 'Little Black Dress Couture'
Couture hanging jewelry storage
I saw already so much DIY's to organize your accessories but despite how awesome all the DIY's are, I prefer this: a little black dress couture jewelry storage.

Emergency Strikje
Emergency bow tie
Okay, girls who read this: buy this for your boyfriend (or crush, brother, dog...). Be honest: what is hotter than a guy with a bow tie? (Exactly: Channing Tatum wearing a bow tie.)

Emergency Strikje

Every guy should always wear this box with him so he has a bow tie for a sudden formal emergency. 

Kussen 'Power Nap'
"Power Nap" pillow

Do you recognize that feeling that you are at school or at work and you feel like you can fall asleep any minute?  Right, we all have been there. Here is the solution: a pillow that looks like a binder. Nobody will notice the difference. Sleep well!

Would you want any of these crazy gadgets?

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