Saturday 21 December 2013

Last Minute Christmas DIY: Cute Coupon Book

It's almost Christmas guys! I'm so excited! One of my favourite things in the world is giving gifts, I particularly love the gift shopping and figuring out what the perfect present for that one special person is. Unfortunately this year I'm kind of broke and I had exams which means I couldn't go Christmas shopping, I had to buy comfort food with my last bits of money. So right now, a few days before Christmas, I still don't have all of the presents I need to give and I don't have any money left to buy the rest of the gifts. There is only one solution: DIY something! It's always fun to get a handmade gift, I really think it makes you feel special. Today I'm going to show you how to make this really easy DIY coupon book.

The concept is very simple: You give a little set of homemade coupons to someone you love and they can exchange them for, for example, a big hug or a movie date or a massage etc.

All you need is some coloured paper, I went for a creme colour for the base and red for the background to make it look more 'Christmasy', but you can of course choose whatever colour you want. You also need some paper glue, scissors, a ruler, some coloured pens or markers and some stencils with things that have to do with Christmas. These stencils are optional of course, you can also just draw some things on or go creative with washi tape. 

 Now what do you do? First of all you cut rectangles out of you're coloured paper and you hollow out the corners as in the picture above.

Then you trace the edges of your rectangle with a black dotted line so it looks more like a coupon.

Now glue the rectangle to a piece of red paper, making sure there's a little excess red paper on the edges.

Now just cut a rectangle out of the red paper and you have your coupon!

You can now decorate it with a little stencil and write something like 'this coupon entitles: a home cooked meal'.

If you want you can pierce the coupons and tie them together with a festive ribbon. you can even make a bow in the ribbon to make it look extra cute.

So I hoped you guys enjoyed this little DIY. See you next time!


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