Tuesday 24 December 2013

Yves Rocher Tradition de Hammam hair and face mask

I like hair products, but unfortunately my hair reacts badly on a lot of them. I can only use biological products or products meant for children. When I was in my local Yves Rocher a few weeks ago I found this biological Tradition de Hammam hair and face mask. The word Hammam appealed to me a lot, and I had been looking for a good hair mask for a while, so I just threw it in my basket and took this little baby home. Now let's see if it does what it should do, which is cleansing and softening the hair.

The mask consists of biological arganoil and Moroccan Clay, but besides that it also contains water, rosewater and some other stuff. If you're interested in the ingredients, here's a picture with all the ingredients. 

I really like the packaging, it's nice and compact and it looks really luxurious. The dispenser is also handy in use, it gives you just the right amount of product, without getting messy.

I'm not going to talk a lot about this, it smells bad, like mud. But it also kind of reminds me of a spa, so I don't mind all that much.

I haven't used it a lot for my face, but when I did I could really see the result on my face. My cheeks felt really soft and my skin was glowing again. I did use it a lot for my hair and I have to say, I like it. When I first applied it I was a bit scared that it would be hard to wash out, because it is kind of a muddy substance, but I was pleasantly surprised, the mask rinses out very smoothly and fast. After my hair dried, I was actually very disappointed. My hair was soft, but it was so unbelievably frizzy! I decided that this was a product I regret buying and went to bed, but when I woke up the next day and looked in the mirror, I saw that my hair looked better than it ever did before. It was soft, smooth, shiny, voluminous and just everything you want. Awesome.

I'd conclude that this is a great product overall, if you have a chance, go and get it.
The 'Tradition de Hammam hair and face mask' costs €17,50 but you barely ever pay the full price in Yves Rocher.


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