Friday 7 March 2014

We must be crazy

As a Belgian I of course have the duty to brag about every famous Belgian that ever existed, but I have to say that I genuinely love the next artist. I don't really know in what others countries he's famous, but I'm sure he's famous in some other countries. I'm talking about Milow. He's a singer songwriter born as Jonathan Vandenbroeck and with his guitar, catchy tunes and a bunch of really good lyrics he's slowly but certainly conquering the world. Today the music video of his last single got launched and I just couldn't not share it with you guys. It just has such a touching story.

It's about a young couple that lost their newborn child, which is always a very touching subject. The daddy decides to build a little robot baby to cheer up his wife and they take care of it as if it was a real baby for the rest of their lives. A little creepy, I admit, but I just think it shows how horrible it must be to loose a child. I would love it if you'd take a moment to watch this beautiful music video.


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