Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hotspot: 8 tea 5

Hello there, my fellow unicorns, as you may or may not have noticed: SPRING HAS ARRIVED (yes I really needed to put that in capitals, that was just an essential) and for me a new season always signifies a fresh new start and a time to make some confessions and move on. So I have confession for you, internet.

I have completely missed the bubble tea hype and Until a few days ago, I hadn't even heard about it. No need to say that I made the fail of the year when I accidentally rolled into a bubble tea bar with a dry throat, having no idea what the firetruck this thing called bubble tea was. Let me describe the situation for you:

Barman: Hello, how can I help you?
Me: Uhm, one small bubble tea, please
Barman: Alright, Milk or fruit? 
Me: Uh, tea?
Barman (who was now looking at me as if I was a monster of the night that had just crawled out of its cave): Ok, just tell me what taste you want.
Me: Green apple please
Barman: Good, bubbles?
Me: Yes please.
Barman (slightly annoyed): You need to tell me the taste of bubbles.
Me (panicking): Uh, green apple?

Apparently the bubbles in bubble tea are actually bubbles and they're not meant to have the same taste as the tea. Whoops.

Ever since that awkward experience I've had an addiction to bubble tea and to 8 tea 5, the bar where I went. 8 tea 5 has three bars, one in Den Haag, one in Arnhem and one in my favourite city of Belgium: Antwerp. They sell a great range of different teas and their bars are just so cosy and pretty. If you're ever in the neighbourhood, go check them out. They also sell pie, crisps and lomography cameras (yup) and I love them. Do check out their site as well.

Me and my bubble tea.

Is there anyone else who didn't know what bubble tea is?


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