Monday 14 October 2013

My brain exploded

I did something I've never done before, I came out of my comfort zone, I competed in a quiz. Thinking that it wouldn't be hard and with a full box of courage I went to the hall where the quiz took place.

I came in and BAM! The sight of geniuses took me by surprise... You could just see everyone was flippin' smart. Anyways, I decided to get over the fact that my team would probably end up as the losers of the game and we had fun, a lot of fun. Surprisingly I even knew some of the answers! Can you believe that? I'm a total genius! (I'm not…) Eventually we ended up 30th out of 46, so I think we should be pretty proud of ourselves. We even won something! A pink fluffy little ball and a biro, the dream.

Although I felt like a dumbass on my way home, I had a great time. Quizzing is fun and I want to do it again.


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