Saturday 30 November 2013

Inspiration: advent calendar

It's the last day of November and that can only mean 2 things: Christmas is almost there and it's about time to buy or make an awesome advent calendar! I went for a classic chocolate one this year (lack of money and time, sad story), but there are so many awesome calendars to choose from. Here are some examples.

Also, sorry we haven't posted anything in a while. Next week our exams start, so we're not going to post anything for a few more weeks probably, but after that we'll try to post more often again.

Some advent calendars you can buy:
Who doesn't want a Yankee Candle tea light a day? I do…  It's not very cheap though, it costs €29,95.
This is the dream. It's a rather expensive calendar, €75 to be precise. But you get a value of TBS product of more than €100! So if you don't mind paying a lot for an advent calendar, this one's great.
One for the nail polish lovers among us, one nail polish a day. Awesome. Also, look at how cute the packaging of the calendar is. This one's yours for €32.

But you can of course also go for a DIY:

DIY calendars are mostly a lot cheaper, you can choose what you put in them and they're an awesome Christmas decoration. So if you have a little bit of time left you can be all creative and make yourself or anyone else a calendar. Here's some inspiration.
This is one a very easy idea, just fill every hole in a baking thin with a small gift, a piece of candy or something else and cover it with some nice coloured paper and you're done.
Fill some mini buckets or pots or whatever with tiny gifts and you have this cute advent calendar.
This calendar is very Christmasy and looks so cute on you wall or  above your fireplace.  Only problem is that you'll need 24 socks, so maybe you won't have many socks left to wear during December.

search 24 quotes, images or suggestions of something you could do that day (like 'bake cookies' or 'watch a Christmas movie'), cover them with a piece of paper and hang them n a rope.
My favourite idea: make little Christmas trees!

you can also fill some Christmas ornaments with candy or quotes or something like that and hang them on your tree, or you can decorate your tree by hanging up one ornament a day, so by Christmas you have a full decorated tree.

Do you like advent calenders?


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